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In EYFS, children begin to develop their art skills and knowledge. Children are introduced to different art techniques including, painting, drawing, 3D, collage and printmaking through adult led input and modelling. They are also introduced to the work of artists and craft makers. They develop their fine and gross motor skills and in a free to access stimulating environment, the children are able to explore, experiment and develop their art skills.  In Key Stage 1, the children begin to develop art techniques in: painting, drawing, collage, printmaking and sculpture. These skills are developed through observational drawing, experimenting and skill practise, an artist or contextual link, planning, producing and evaluating. Children are given time to explore the elements of art and through adult modelling. Children begin to use sketchbooks to record their work and observations. They are encouraged to make choices about their artwork and reflect carefully. They are introduced to a range of artists and explore their work to inspire their own. In the topic printing, in year 2, the children develop their printing techniques; they use a variety of natural and made objects, design their own patterns and begin to use cutting techniques. In Lower Key Stage 2, the children’s understanding and skills are further deepened. Through a consistent lesson approach across the school, they become more proficient in using techniques efficiently, effectively and independently. They gain a better understanding of how to use their sketchbooks purposefully as they become their creative spaces. In the topic, drawing, in year 3, they develop their drawing techniques, moving from line drawing in key stage 1 to developing their use of texture, shade and tone in lower key stage 2. Children continue to develop their knowledge of artists and they use this work to inspire their own ideas, sharing their thoughts and feelings about the work of others.  In Upper Key Stage 2, the children take ownership for their ideas and creative pieces. They develop their artwork, drawing on their knowledge of artists. They use their sketchbooks effectively to share their creative processes, ideas and opinions. They adapt and evaluate as they create, making changes if needed. In the topic, sculpture, in year 6, the children move on from manipulating wire to create shape, form and space to creating 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional sculptures to a variety of scales.