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September 2017-2018

Welcome to our Reception class page. The adults working in our class are: Mrs Parrott the class teacher and our wonderful LSA's- Mrs Wilson, Miss Smith, Mrs O' Toole. We hope you enjoy looking at us in action as we play and learn.

We have been doing our maths activities as part of the school maths day.

Our last day of Science week . We learnt about dissolving.

Day 3 of Science week. We made pizza.

It's Science week in Reception class. Here are some pictures from our first activity called Hidden colours.

Today Tim came from Gribbly Bugs to show us some mini beasts. We were able to touch and hold them.

Reception class visited Coventry transport museum , we had a really exciting day!

Today reception had the Police community support officers visit us and talk about their job. The children were able to look at the police car, listen to the siren and see the lights flash.

Today reception had visitors from Network rail to talk about their job .

Reception have been finding out about different occupations, today we had a nurse who came to talk to us and showed us what she uses in her job.

Easter activities in our Reception class We enjoyed our Easter stay and Play where we had an Easter bonnet parade and an Easter egg hunt!

Reception went and said goodbye to the chicks today as they are going to their new home tonight.

Reception have been enjoying hot chocolate and crumpets on this very snowy day.

The chicks have hatched. Reception have named their chick Sky.

We have had a special delivery in school this week from the happy chick company. This week we are watching the eggs and waiting for them to hatch. We have made predictions about what will happen. Our theme story this week is chickens can't see in the dark. We have made light boxes and carrot cake this week and we will be sequencing and labelling the life cycle of a chicken too.

Reception celebrated shrove Tuesday this week by making some yummy pancakes . Then we took it into turns to flip them. We had a range of toppings which included chocolate sauce,sugar and lemon juice.

Reception have been celebrating Chinese New Year with a range of fun activities. We decorated a dog mask as it is the year of the dog.we also made red money envelopes ,Chinese lanterns and had a taste testing afternoon with a range of Chinese food.

As from 1st September 2017 we will be putting class photos showing the children's activities on the dojo app. We hope you enjoy looking at the children in action!

Every half term we will also put photos of the class in action on the school website.

we have a science week. we have been learning about polar bears. we put gloves on and put put our hands in ice. we used oil and lard to show us the differnce in tempertures against the ice. we learnt that some animals hava a layer of blubber to keep them warm against the cold weather.

We made healthy pitta pizzs's

Maths Stay and Play.

Sleepy Storytime evening.

Reception have been writing adjectives to describe Elsa and Olaf. Look at our lovely display!

Receptions christmas party. we played musical statues , pass the parcel and the chocolate game. with lots of fun had by all

This week we have started our work on dinosaurs. We made dinosaur eggs by covering balloons by paper mache. We will see what hatches out of them. We have a dinosaur role play and have been making dinosaur from paper plates, using pegs paint and collage materials. We are also making dinosaurs using playdough and pasta shapes.

Making a nest for dinosaur eggs.

Cracking open our dinosaur eggs!

Reception have been making dinosaurs with different materials. we have also been making dinosaur eggs.

Our Dinosaur role play area.

Early Years Fundraising week. we had a sponsored run, a teddy bear's picnic for our first stay and play, a toy sale, made a bronze coin trail and a cake sale,

We food tasted Indian food. We tried vegetable bahjis, samosas and pakoras. We also tried some poppadoms. We thought it was delicious!

Celebrating Diwali! We made role play masks, diva lamps, mendhi patterns and sweets.

Tasting porridge for Goldilocks.