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Welcome to Nursery.

The nursery team are Mrs Francis (nursery teacher), Mrs Lowe, Mrs Hutchison, Mrs Maynard, Mrs Ryan,  
Mrs O' Toole and Mrs Hammond. 

Nursery Sports Day

Trip to Broomey Croft Farm

Pot a Plant evening

21st May 2015

This week, we have been labelling dinosaurs, mark making and we have been thinking about the phonemes that the words begin with. We learnt the phonemes (sounds) e and u and we have been learning how to form these graphemes (letters) correctly. We have been making dinosaur rocks and fossils together. We have been learning all about shapes, recognising, naming and sorting 2D and introducing 3D shapes. We made delicious erupting volcanoes, melting chocolate to make the volcano and making red icing for the lava! We have been counting eggs and recognising numbers in the cereal. We have been planting vegetables and flowers outside and caring for them.

Making Fossils

Volcano cakes

14th May 2015

This week, we have been making brilliant dinosaur musical instruments and singing lots of dinosaur songs. We had delicious dinosaur juice (apple juice!) and developed our knife skills by spreading butter on fruit bread at snack time. We talked about how to keep safe and safety of different body parts (not putting things up our noses, ears, not looking at the sun and not touching eyes) during circle time. We learnt the phonemes (sounds) k and ck and we have been

learning how to form these graphemes (letters) correctly. We have been playing shape games, naming and recognising shapes. We have been looking at the changes in the weather and the season, looking closely at the buds and flowers growing.

Learning to spread dinosaur bread

Making dinosaur instruments

Buds and flowers and having fun

Summer Term 1

Dinosaurs and Planting


Week begining 16th April 2015

This week, we have been learning all about dinosaurs by listening to dinosaur stories and songs and exploring dinosaurs in the dinosaur world and in the dinosaur museum. We have enjoyed dinosaur dip (coloured mayonnaise) and used knifes to cut our own salad items to dip! (Lettuce, mushrooms, sugar snap peas, cucumber and peppers.) We have been fantastic dinosaur hunters, searching for numbered dinosaur eggs and we have recognised and ordered the numbers. We have been counting dinosaurs and recognising shapes when making our shape dinosaur.It was fun making our dinosaur chair. We have been enjoying the sunny weather outside and exploring what happens to water in the heat.


Home School Communication 16th April 2015

Home School Communication 19th March 2015

This week, we have learnt all about Easter with Reception class. We have listened to the Easter Story and we have learnt all about new life and growing in Spring time. We went on a Spring walk to look for signs of Spring. We made Easter cards for our families and talked about how we celebrate Easter at home. We made chocolate nests and had Hot Cross Buns at snack time, talking about the significance of the cross. We have been singing Easter songs and made Easter gardens. We have been on egg hunts in the sand and water.

Morning Children have enjoyed our forest school session and had a fire with hot chocolate and biscuits.


Still image for this video

Planting Sweetpeas and Broad beans

World Book Day

Red Nose Day

Home School communication March 12th 2015

Sleepy story Evening

Writing Meeting Presentation

Forest School

February 9th 2015

This week, we have been celebrating Chinese New Year and we will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday on Friday (both are during half term!)

We have listened to different Chinese New Year stories, the story all about the 12 animals who wanted the year to be named after them and about Nian the dragon and we then wrote all about what happened in the story. We have been learning all about the traditions to celebrate Chinese New Year and tasting different food including lychees, rice, noodles and prawn crackers and used chopsticks. We cut out red envelopes and put chocolate coins inside and tried writing Kung Hei Fat Choi (Happy New Year) in Chinese. We made a fantastic, colourful dragon head, afterwards we created music and our own dragon dance. 

Dragon dancing

Still image for this video

Dragon dancing

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February 2nd 2015

This week, we enjoyed our visit from Scott from The Dogs Trust with his pet dog (a soft toy) who helped us learn all about what dogs need and how to stay safe with dogs.

We have loved reading and joining in with "The Three Little Pigs."

We thought about different endings to 'The Three Little Pigs' story and made a pizza to make friends with the wolf! We have been building inside and outside in the three pigs building site and creating 'Huff and Puff' art!

Home School Communication

After listening to “Goldilocks and the three bear’s” story, Nursery children wanted to have a Teddy bear’s tea party. They wrote fantastic invitations to their Mummy’s and Daddy’s and bought their teddy bears in to stay and play session on Friday 23rd January, where they retold the whole “Goldilocks and the three bear’s” story and shared cakes and biscuits with their bears.

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Nursery Stay and Play sessions

The Gruffalo

Making Popcorn