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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


The year 3 teacher is Mrs Waller.


This term our topic is Tomb Raiders.


Our project for Summer term 2 is - To be an explorer - an archaelogist in Ancient Egypt.


¨ Build your own Pyramid.

¨ Design your own tomb.

¨ Draw a poster to advertise your own movie in the style of  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

¨ Create your own artefact, which was discovered by you, the new FAMOUS     archaeologist.

¨ Find how long different Pharaohs reigned for —using subtraction.

¨ How much would it cost to visit Cairo and see the valley of the kings —Make a  travel brochure to sell this experience.

¨ The Nile runs through Egypt, What rivers run through Rugby/Warwickshire? - Find as many facts as you can about them.


Our project for Summer term 1 is - To be an Historian - an expert in Ancient Egyptian Times.


Make a pharaoh headdress.

¨ Design some jewellery fit for an Egyptian princess.

Research about different Egyptian Pharaohs.

¨ Research about the discoveries of Howard Carter.

¨ Research about how the Egyptians prepared for the afterlife.

Collect different    mathematical facts about the River Nile

· Draw a headdress that has a symmetrical pattern

Visit Birmingham Museum — Egyptian exhibit.

¨ Interview someone who has visited or EVEN lived in Egypt —

        How is it the same or different from Rugby?





Our class

Lots of Home Learning

Tomb Raiders project 2 - To be an archaelogist.

Our trip to Rugby Library to see some Egyptian artefacts

Tomb Raiders project 1 - To be an Historian.

Easter celebrations at Rugby Methodist Church

Transport topic - designing and building cars

Maths - Weighing and balancing

Click on the link to see all the wonderful characters who came into school for World Book Day.

Balloon cars

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balloon car

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balloon car

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balloon car

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balloon car

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balloon car

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Water colour painting

Including the whole class

Year 3 Star of the Week


Well done Louis, you are our star of the week. 



This term we have thinking about how to help others. We decided to start by helping around our homes. We then helped around school.


Click on the link to see the photos of us tidying Nursery garden.

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