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Year 4

The teacher in year 4 is Mrs Russell.

The topic this term is Roman's Rule.

Hunt for The Black Hat

Map work identifying continents and oceans

Our new topic this term is The World's Kitchen

Severn Trent Water Visit 27.01.15

Today Year 4 were visited by the Dog's Trust. We learnt all about how to look after a dog, and to finish, we were challenged to write a story, as a class, using a title and character provided, and 3 key words. These words were - amazing, grizzled and saggy. See if you can spot them in our story! Please read on, and leave any comments on our class blog page to help us improve our class story:


Chew and the Mysterious Object
One evening, as the sun was setting, Chew took his owner for a play around in the park. Sniffing out the rotten stench of a decomposing rat, in the green, saggy bushes, Chew discovered a mysterious object…


Amused, interested, overjoyed at the thought of a new toy, Chew wondered what could it be?  Pouncing on the awesome-looking object, Chew pushed it with his nose. When it didn’t move, Chew grizzled to himself, “Urgh! This doesn’t do anything!” Tossing it with his teeth, the mysterious object landed in front of his owner. Still not moving, Chew nibbled at the analogue stick. He leaped back in surprise when the X in the middle lit up, in a spooky, green colour.


Deciding he would find a use for it later, Chew carried it the long distance home. Once home, however, the mysterious object synced with his owner’s X-box 360, and Chew spent many long nights becoming the gaming king of the dog world!


As part of our Science topic on Sound, Year 4 made their own instruments using recyclable materials

Proof reading our own Traditional Tales

Science. Investigating sound; where it comes from and how it travels.

Collages created in response to pieces of music with a theme of war. Year 4 listened to Holst 'Mars', Arthur Bliss 'Morning Heroes' and 'The last post'.

World War I - Sergeant Featherstone's Visit