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A very warm welcome to the Reception class at St Matthew’s Bloxam. C.E.Primary school.

Adults working in our class are: Mrs Parrott, the class teacher and our super LSA’s Mrs Oakes, Mrs Hammond, Mrs Hutchison, Mrs O’Toole and Mrs Santos.

Our curriculum is delivered through the Early Years Foundation Stage prime and specific

areas of Learning and Development which are all interconnected:

The Prime areas :

• Personal, Social and Emotional Development

• Communication and Language

• Physical Development


The  Specific areas :

• Literacy

• Mathematics

• Understanding the World

• Expressive Arts and Design

We strive to work to the children’s interests, fostering a love of learning and increased independence.

Phonics, maths and English are taught through  daily  interactive key sessions.  To support this learning our Home/School communication books play an important role in involving parents and carers. Weekly information letters are sent out in the book which includes a short open ended task  children may choose to do at home with adult support.

Themes we have explored  so far are: Ourselves and senses, The Fairy Forest, Food and Celebrations.

Here is our medium term plan for the first half of the Spring Term. It has been led by the children's interests.


Curriculum Plan Summer 2

Curriculum plan Spring 1

Tricky words home learning

Building Learning Power


Building Learning Power (BLP) is an approach to helping children to become better learners, both in school and out. It teaches children habits and attitudes that help them face difficulty and uncertainty, calmly, confidently and creatively.

Children who are more confident of their own learning ability learn faster and learn better. They concentrate more, think harder and find learning more enjoyable.


In class we use our Building Learning Power toys, stickers and stars in the Learning Journeys.


Parents Building Learning Power Guide

In our phonics lessons we are learning our phase 2 phonemes. You should have recived a copy of our Phase 2 animal phoneme booklet, please ask us if you require another one.


As a school we use  PENPALS letter patter. You should have received a copy of our letter formation sheets, please ask us if you require another one.

Home School Communication 2nd July 2015

Home School Communication 26th June 2015

Pot a Plant evening

Home School Communication 19th June 2015

Home School Communication 12th June 2015

Home School Communication June 5th 2015

1st June 2015

We have completed our topic on dinosaurs this week by making erupting volcanoes in a bottle, using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. We had great fun and we experimented with different amounts of vinegar to see how much the volcano would erupt.

Home School Communication 22nd May

Our dinosaur nest that we made

Home School Communication Wk 15th May 2015

We have started our topic on dinosaurs and the children have had great fun making dinosaur eggs from balloons covered in papier mache. We painted them when they were dry and put them into a dinosaur nest we made from stones and bark chippings. We then cracked the eggs open to find the baby dinosaurs inside!

Home School Communication Wk 1st May 2015

We have been busy making musical instruments that the giant from Jack and the bean stalk might like to go with his harp. We have used resources such as elastic bands, rice, boxes and tubes.

Home School Communication Wk 24th April

We went for a walk around the local area and looked at the different types of housing we could see. We thought about their features and how they were suited for a particular purpose. We then painted pictures of houses using different materials to create patterns and textures.

Home School Communication Wk 17th April 2015

This week we have started our work on the traditional story of ‘The three little pigs’. The children worked with their friends to produce a large story map after hearing the tale, thinking of the sequence of events and the main characters in the story.

We have been exploring materials by building houses for the little pigs from straw, sticks and small model bricks. We predicted which house we thought would be the strongest then tested them by blowing on them. We recorded our results with drawings and simple explanations.

Home School Communication Wk 27th March 2015

This week we worked on a variety of Easter activities. We made Easter cards and Easter baskets and ate hot cross buns for our snack. We also made yummy chocolate nests from shredded wheat and melted chocolate and went on an Easter egg hunt!

Home School Communication wk March 20th 2015

This week we had a visit from "Gribbly Bugs". We looked at and handled a spider, millipede and cockroach and learnt lots of interesting facts. Here is some of our writing about the visit.
Here is our plant Anna. She now has some flowers and is over 50cm tall.

Home School Communication wk March 13th 2015

We had a lovely time at our "Sleepy Story Evening" on March 3rd. We enjoyed coming to school in our pyjamas with our teddies and a blanket, then listening to stories with our families and having a hot chocolate.

Sleepy Story Evening

We enjoyed playing the instruments and keeping a steady beat as we marched around.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Here is the writing presentation we gave to parents/carers on March 11th.

Home School Communication Wk 13th February 2015

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year with nursery. We have been doing lots of interesting activities including making a Chinese dragon head and dancing with it, Chinese writing, mask making and envelope making with chocolate money in them!

Chinese Food tasting, Prawn Crackers, rice, noodles and lychees.

Home School Communication Wk 6th February 2015

This week we had a visitor from the Dogs Trust. Scott came to talk to us and brought along his pet dog (not a real one). We learnt lots of interesting things about caring for dogs and how we should behave around dogs. We learnt that in our world we should care for living things and be responsible when owning a pet because they rely upon us for care and love.

We found out that dogs need special food like dog biscuits and should not eat our food because it can make them poorly. Just like we brush our hair, dogs need to have their hair brushed with a special brush to stop it from getting knotted and to keep their skin healthy.  Scott showed us a clicker to use when you train your dog, We practised crossing our hands when we heard it. He told us that if a dog runs up to us we should stand still and fold our arms so that the dog doesn’t think we want to play and chase us.

Lots of us have got dogs and we told our friends how we care for them to make them feel happy!

Dogs Trust

Home School Communication Wk Jan 30th 2015

This week has been very exciting in our Reception class. We have got a new plant which we have called Anna. We are looking after her very carefully by watering her and giving her compost made from our left over snack fruit. Every week we will measure her to see how much she has grown.

We have been busy counting 1 more in mathematics.

We have been using the Bee-bots and programming them to move around our pirate objects.

We had a Pirate Tea Party with our families at our Stay and Play session. We made biscuits and decorated them.

Home School Communication Wk 23rd Jan 2015

We have been very busy this week in Reception! We made pirate ships from cardboard seed pots and added a mast and sails. We predicted what would happen when we sailed them. We launched them and waited. Sadly some of them sank. We redesigned our boats thinking about how we could improve them and launched them again. Success!


Nursery and reception have had a great time starting to build our milk carton igloo. Everyone has been collecting cartons for us. We have built the base and have started on the walls. What a lot of cartons!

Stay and Play session 16th January 2015

Here are a selection of photos showing Reception  children learning in action. We hope you enjoy them!

Home School Communication Wk 16th Jan 2015

Making 3D Shape Models and Bird feeders

Home School Communication Wk 9th Jan

Home School Communication Wk 12th Dec

Home School Communication Wk 5th Dec

This week we performed our Christmas Production "The Inn Keepers Breakfast".

This week we had a lovely surprise. We saw a puppet show all about a magic watering can.
Here are some photos of it.

The Magic Watering Can

We made Christmas trees from paper plates for our Christmas Fayre.

Prime area: Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

Prime Area: Physical Development (PD)

Prime Area: Communication and Language (CL)

Specific Area: Literacy (L)

Specific Area:Mathematics (M)

Specific Area: Understanding the World (UW)

Specific Area: Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

Home School Communication Wk November 14th

Home School Communication Wk November 21st

Home School Communication Wk 28th November