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The Maths curriculum is delivered in themed blocks around a broad unit of work. Children develop their skills and understanding of Maths through a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract activities and through doing this, pupils develop their fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills.


While every effort is made to cater for all different learners, at St Matthew’s Bloxam we work towards teaching for mastery in every class. This means, as much as possible, the whole class accesses the same task but the level of access may differ, depending on ability.


The school calculation policy shows the progression of skills developed across the year groups.

Read the quotes below to see what our pupils enjoy about Maths lessons at St Matthew's Bloxam Primary School.



  • "Maths is fun" (Year 1 pupil)
  • "I like maths because I like fractions" (Year 2) 
  • "I love maths days" (Year 4 pupil) 
  • "I like maths because it is challenging" (Year 5 pupil) 
  • "When I find it tricky, my teacher helps me" (Year 5 pupil) 
  • "I am good at times tables and enjoy doing Times Table Rock Stars" (Year 6 pupil)