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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6. The teacher is Miss Blackaby. During the period of time that school is closed, please email SMBYear6@welearn365.com with any work you complete. She can then directly respond to you!

Year 6 Dazzle bubble

Information for year 6 on how to entrance and exit Dazzle bubble.
The staff in the Dazzle bubble are Mrs Francis, Mrs Scott and Mrs Dolman.

Year 6 Sparkle Bubble

Information for year 6 on how to entrance and exit Sparkle bubble.
The staff in Sparkle bubble are Miss Blackaby and Mrs Jones

Half Term!


Good Morning Year 6!

Below are just some ideas for what you could do over half term so keep yourselves occupied. I will also be setting up a TTRS battle that ends on Friday. Which team will win? Who will contribute the most points this week?

I have also attached a link to a letter from Compass, who carried out the Health Needs Assessment earlier in the year.

Year 6 Home Learning Week Beginning 27th April 2020

Easter holidays

Message from Reverend Alan - 

There is a resource called “All Age Worship at Home,”  it is aimed at families with primary aged children and may help fill the void left by collective worship. You just download the pdf and follow the instructions. It will be on the church site www.m2o.org.uk or  http://www.allageworshipresources.org/category/worship-at-home/


God bless,


Home Learning

23rd March 2020

Here are some Spanish ideas you can try to keep practising your language skills:

A = activities (scan the QR code with a tablet/phone to play a game)

K = knowledge organiser (to look at vocabulary)

V = video (watch and join in)


Stage 1 = Year 3 & Stage 4 = Year 6 but you are welcome to try any level