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Year 2 2020/2021

Welcome to Year2.

The teacher is Miss Cartledge and the teaching assistants are Mrs McInally, Mrs Finch and Mrs Gakhal.

Year 2 Long Term Plan 2020-2021

Weekly letter

Ho ho ho!

This half term, year 2 have been learning a Christmas rap called Ho ho ho as part of their music lessons. They have also learnt how to sign along to parts of the song and play instruments. Today, they took part in a final performance of the rap. All of the grown ups in year 2 were very impressed!

When Father Christmas came to visit...

Year 2 have had a very special visitor, they spent the morning writing letters to Father Christmas and drawing some pictures for him. Father Christmas was very entertaining and the children had lots of questions for him!

Science - Which ball is the bounciest?

As part of their work on materials, year 2 have planned and conducted their own investigation in order to find out which ball is the bounciest. They made sure that it was a fair test and recorded their results. After, they used Purple Mash to help them create a graph in order to show their findings.


History- How do we know about the Gunpowder Plot?

The children in year 2 have been working as historians. They had a list of statements about the Gunpowder Plot, some were true and some were false. The children looked at different historical sources in order to prove or disprove the statements.

Happy Diwali!

As part of their RE work this half term, the children have been thinking about how and why we celebrate special and sacred times. This week, they made puppets to help them re-tell the story of Rama and Sita to help them understand why Hindus celebrate Diwali.

Wire Sculptures

In art, Year 2 have made some wire sculptures inspired by local artist Jane Tilley. 


Recently we've had some visitors in school. Year 2 were lucky enough watch one of the chicks hatch out of their egg! The children have enjoyed watching the chicks change and having cuddles with them. In science, the children sequenced the life cycle of a chicken and in English, they wrote explanation texts based on their observations.