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Year 1 2020/2021

Welcome to Year 1.

The class teacher is Miss Margrie and the teaching assistants are Mrs Finch and Mrs Clarke.

Spring 1
Tuesday 10th November 2020

Year 1 have been working hard to develop their number sentence writing, number facts and number bonds. Using a tens frame, counters and a whiteboard and pen, they were challenged with finding as many number bonds to 7 as possible. Year 1 wrote many number sentences during the session and applied the 'Commutative Law'.

Tuesday 10th November 2020
Today Year 1 were investigating different materials. They needed to decide which material would be best to make a roof for Beegu. Their choices: Tinfoil, Clingfilm, Paper and Fabric. Once the investigation was over, they decided which materials were waterproof and which were not. 
Monday 9th November 2020
Today, Year 1 have been thinking about why some objects sink and why some float. They were challenged to make a boat for Fred the Frog who was having some trouble swimming. Year 1 found out that if something floats it is less dense than water and if it sinks it is more dense. They also had some fun pretending to be molecules. 
Tuesday 2nd November 2020

Today Year 1 began their topic on Shelters. Over the next six weeks they will be designing, making and evaluating a shelter for Beegu. Beegu is a small alien that has crashed landed on Earth. She is lost and has no roof for her cardboard box shelter.


Today Year 1 explored different types of shelters (umbrellas, rabbit hutches, bus stops and houses). They evaluated these shelters and answered the following questions: 1. What is the shelter for? 2. Who would use this shelter? 3. What is this shelter made out of?

Monday 19th October 2020

Recently, Year 1 have been thinking about different ways we can help to keep our planet healthy. One of the ways we have looked at helping our planet is by feeding the birds in the winter. So, today they made Bird Feeders. We used bird seed and lard to make our feeders. They really enjoyed the experience, if a little slimy and MESSY!!! 

Tuesday 13th October 2020

In art, Year 1 have been studying the artwork of local artist Anna Lorimer. They have spent a lot of time learning the necessary skills in order to eventually create their own painting. Today, they were challenged with putting one of Anna Lorimer's paintings back together like a jigsaw puzzle. As they completed the task, they engaged in discussion about the colours, tints and shades they could see. They also discussed what they liked and disliked about the painting.

Year 1 were absolutely delighted to have had some special little visitors in school over the last two weeks. On Monday 21st September, there was a special delivery of eggs. Year 1 began to learn about the different stages of the life cycle of a hen. As they observed the chicks daily they were able to witness the chicks hatching, which they found absolutely miraculous! Once all the chicks were fully hatched and settled in their new pen, Year 1 spent some time observing them and even got to interact with them. 
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