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Year 1 2020/2021

Welcome to Year 1.

The class teacher is Miss Margrie and the teaching assistants are Mrs Finch and Mrs Clarke.

W.B. 21.06.21 Sport Week!

On the third day of sport week, West End in Schools kindly paid us a visit. Year 1 took part in an Olympics themed dance workshop. They enjoyed lots of humor and showed off their dancing skills.

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W.B. 21.06.21 Sport Week!

We are celebrating sport week. This week Year 1 have been given the opportunity to try new sports and activities. To kick-start the week (quite literally), G-Force came into school to deliver a work shop. Year 1 were taught some ideas about discipline and learned to kick like Spider-Man. They thoroughly enjoyed the session, and got a kick out of kicking Miss Margrie at the end.

21.06.21 MUSIC DAY

Today, we celebrated music day. We listened to some of our favourite songs and enjoyed a boogie. We also made some percussion instruments - Castanets (clackers). Year 1 really enjoyed making these and then we used them to play along to the pulse in some of our favourite songs. In the afternoon, we watched Shrek the Musical.

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15.06.21 Teach Rex

Year 1 have had a brilliant today. Teach Rex visited us in school to reveal the mystery surrounding the magical book which appeared on the playground. They told us the story of Luna the dragon. A village long ago did not like dragons, so a brave warrior went to slay it. Upon succeeding, he found Luna, a baby dragon. He brought Luna back to the village and they decided to help Luna so that one day she would protect the village. Unfortunately, the village forgot about Luna and she remained in her cave all alone. One day, another brave warrior came to "save" the people from the dragon but unfortunately we don't know what happened to Luna as the book ended there. 


To introduce our topic on multiplication and division, year 1 enjoyed a practical lesson investigating equal and unequal groups. To begin with, children were given “equal groups of” to sort themselves into. Then, at the end of the session, all of the children joined in with a competitive game where the unequal group was out of the game.


Year 1 have recapping counting in 2s, 5s and 10s this week. Today we were focusing on our 10s. The children have done so well to remember how to count in 10s. They were able to order themselves starting with 10 x1 and then additionally starting with 10 x 12.


This term in art, year 1 will be carrying out a topic on drawing. To begin our series of lessons, we carried out some observational drawing. In this lesson, we explored what a skyline is. We then spent some time closely observing different skylines from around the world, including London. To help us draw the base of our skyline, we traced our fingers along it before getting out our sketching pencils and drawing over the top of the skyline. Finally, we used our observations to draw the skylines we had been observing.


Today in science, year 1 took turns being blindfolded. They had to use their other senses to help them find their way around our outdoor area. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and found it quite difficult. After spending some time outside, the children returned to the classroom. This time, they took it in turns guessing which objects were inside the boxes. They then drew a picture of what they thought the object was before having it revealed. By the end of the lesson, the children were able to explain that darkness is when there is no light at all.


Today, year 1 were introduced to their new English book topic: Traditional Tales. This term we will be exploring the original telling of Hansel and Gretel and then at a later date, an alternate telling of the story. After reading and discussing the book, the children were challenged, in teams, to sequence the story in chronological order.


This term, Year 1 have been designing/ improving traditional British sandwiches (cucumber, tomato, cheese and pickle, and ham and mustard) to include additional healthy foods. We designed these sandwiches for ourselves to promote a healthy diet. During the make process, year 1 developed cutting, spreading and grating skills. At the end of the day, the tried their sandwiches. We had mixed reviews in the classroom over the taste of our sandwiches. 

20.04.21 - Art


In Year 1, we absolutely love art. This week, as an introduction to our new geography topic: London, we explored silohouettes of different London landmarks. We were fascinated to learn about how a silohouette is formed.  We used wax crayons to create bright and vibrant sunsets. We love how the sky can change colour. Then, we chose our favourite landmark, cut it out and stuck it in front of our sunsets. We are very proud of our artwork.

08.03.21 - 31.03.21: CASTLES!


Our topic this term was: Castles! We were challenged to make a Motte and Bailey Castle or a Courtyard Castle as part of our home learning. We worked incredibly hard and made some fantastic castles. 

31.04.21 - A visit from the Easter Bunny


Year 1 and 2 were absolutely delighted to find out the Easter Bunny had paid them a visit. He had hidden Easter treats out in our play area. Year 1 and 2 had a great time hunting for all of the chocolate. To top the morning off, the Easter Bunny left two special chicks hidden in the play area. The finders of these chicks received an Easter Egg from the Easter Bunny. 

30.04.21 - Easter Art


There is a tradition that after the death and resurrection of Jesus, his mother Mary retraced the steps her son took on his way to the cross and then to the tomb, pausing along the way to remember what had happened. From this grew a tradition in Jerusalem, which continues to this day of walking the Via Dolorosa and then returning home to talk to others about their experiences.  


We created our own version of 'Walking the way of the Cross' in the form of an art trail. In Year 1, we created art pieces to represent Jesus carrying the Cross to Golgotha. 

30.04.21 - DT: Moving Mechanisms


Year 1 have been investigating moving mechanisms in DT this half term. Our task was to make a moving picture for our class book Rapunzel. We have practised making sliders, leavers and wheels. We then planned our own projects and brought them to life. 

Spring 1
Tuesday 10th November 2020

Year 1 have been working hard to develop their number sentence writing, number facts and number bonds. Using a tens frame, counters and a whiteboard and pen, they were challenged with finding as many number bonds to 7 as possible. Year 1 wrote many number sentences during the session and applied the 'Commutative Law'.

Tuesday 10th November 2020
Today Year 1 were investigating different materials. They needed to decide which material would be best to make a roof for Beegu. Their choices: Tinfoil, Clingfilm, Paper and Fabric. Once the investigation was over, they decided which materials were waterproof and which were not. 
Monday 9th November 2020
Today, Year 1 have been thinking about why some objects sink and why some float. They were challenged to make a boat for Fred the Frog who was having some trouble swimming. Year 1 found out that if something floats it is less dense than water and if it sinks it is more dense. They also had some fun pretending to be molecules. 
Tuesday 2nd November 2020

Today Year 1 began their topic on Shelters. Over the next six weeks they will be designing, making and evaluating a shelter for Beegu. Beegu is a small alien that has crashed landed on Earth. She is lost and has no roof for her cardboard box shelter.


Today Year 1 explored different types of shelters (umbrellas, rabbit hutches, bus stops and houses). They evaluated these shelters and answered the following questions: 1. What is the shelter for? 2. Who would use this shelter? 3. What is this shelter made out of?

Monday 19th October 2020

Recently, Year 1 have been thinking about different ways we can help to keep our planet healthy. One of the ways we have looked at helping our planet is by feeding the birds in the winter. So, today they made Bird Feeders. We used bird seed and lard to make our feeders. They really enjoyed the experience, if a little slimy and MESSY!!! 

Tuesday 13th October 2020

In art, Year 1 have been studying the artwork of local artist Anna Lorimer. They have spent a lot of time learning the necessary skills in order to eventually create their own painting. Today, they were challenged with putting one of Anna Lorimer's paintings back together like a jigsaw puzzle. As they completed the task, they engaged in discussion about the colours, tints and shades they could see. They also discussed what they liked and disliked about the painting.

Year 1 were absolutely delighted to have had some special little visitors in school over the last two weeks. On Monday 21st September, there was a special delivery of eggs. Year 1 began to learn about the different stages of the life cycle of a hen. As they observed the chicks daily they were able to witness the chicks hatching, which they found absolutely miraculous! Once all the chicks were fully hatched and settled in their new pen, Year 1 spent some time observing them and even got to interact with them. 
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