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Reception 2020/2021

Welcome to Reception.  The Teacher is Mrs Beniston and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Wilson. 

Medium Term Plan Summer 2

Knowledge organiser - Summer 2

Weekly Update 11.6.21

It was very exciting this week because our baby ladybirds emerged from their pupas.  We enjoyed observing them them we set them free in our garden.

Medium Term Plan Summer 1

Making dinosaur eggs

Weekly update 21.5.21 - Ladybird babies

We have baby ladybirds in Reception.  They were so small at the start of the week we could hardly see them but they have been eating lots of food and growing.  We are waiting for them to make pupae and then hatch out as adult ladybirds.  We will keep you updated.

Weekly Update 7.5.21

The children had a wonderful time at Forest School on Wednesday.  They loved learning about the different plants and animals they could find and listening to the sounds they could hear.

Weekly Update 30.04.21

We had a super Harry Potter day today.  In our class there were witches, wizards, magical creatures and muggles.  Thank you for your fantastic support for this day.  The children all looked great.

Don't forget it's Bank Holiday on Monday so we will see you on Tuesday.  Have a great weekend.

Mrs Beniston

Weekly Update 23.4.21

We have had a great first week back in Reception.  The children have been amazing and are continuing to do great learning every day.

Next Friday - 30th April - is Harry Potter Day across the school.  The children can dress up as any magical character or come in their own clothes to be a "muggle."  We will be doing lots of fun, magical activities through the day.

Weekly Letter 26.03.21

Weekly Letter 19.03.21

Weekly Letter 12.03.21

We read the story The Giant Jam Sandwich and it inspired us to make our own bread.  We spread it with butter and jam just like in the story.  It was delicious!

Week Beginning 1st March 2021

Recommended Reading List for Reception

ai wordsearch

The Giant Jam Sandwich.


Enjoy listening to the story for World Book Day. 

Save the Whale



Use your knowledge of number bonds to 10 to rescue the whale.

Week beginning 22nd February 2021

I'm a Pirate song

Viking Full Circle


Let's Compare Game



Forest Phonics Game

www.ictgames.com choose Forest Phonics game.

Can you draw some pictures of some of the things you have done today to be active?
Use the squared paper and coloured pens or pencils. How many ways can you show 10 by colouring in the squares?

Space Race Game


choose Space Race game

Week beginning 8th February 2021

Silly Questions game


Go into phase 3 games and choose the silly questions game.

Select CVC and practise reading the sentences.

Blending Sounds Spelling Game


Can you spell the words to fix the bridges?

Read the story of The Runaway Pancake.  Which other story is a bit like this one?

Look at the PowerPoint all about Pancake Day.  What is the other name for Pancake Day?  Can you make some pancakes?

Week Beginning 1st February 2021

Flashcards Speed Trial Game


select Flashcards Speed Trial game.

If you click on pick individual graphemes, it lets you choose the sounds you want to practise.

Number Formation Sheet

Look at the PowerPoint to find out how the police help us.  Can you make your own police identity badge?

Buried Treasure Game

www.letters-and-sounds.com  Buried Treasure game.

Go into phase 3 and choose some of the new sounds to practise.

Look at the PowerPoint and talk about what makes you feel all the different feelings.  Can you draw some feelings faces?  You can use the worksheet or draw your own.
Can you draw or make a model of a Chinese dragon?

Viking Full Circle Game

www.ictgames.com  choose Viking full circle.

Use the sounds to spell the words the Viking needs.

Week beginning 25th January 2021

Remote learning timetable w/b 25.01,2021

Can you find all the ways to make 8?

Grab a Giggling Grapheme

www.phonicsplay.co.uk  grab a giggling grapheme game

Choose the sounds you want to practise.  Have fun!

People who help us - fire fighters.

Can you find out what a fire fighter does?

Can you draw or make a model of a fire engine?

Read the number stories and see if you can use your maths skills to work out the answers.

Look at the PowerPoint.  Haw many different kinds of bears can you find?  Can you draw a picture of one?

You can try the shape bear activity sheet if you would like to.

Phonics Pop

www.letters-and-sounds.com  phoneme pop game

Practise some of the new sounds we have been learning - sh, ch, th

Have fun popping the sound bubbles!

Have a go at the addition activities on the PowerPoint.  Challenge - can you write your own number sentences?
Choose the activity you would like to do.
Look at the PowerPoint to find out more about the Jewish festival Sukkot.  There is a craft activity you can try too.

Reception Remote Learning w/b 18.01.2021

Pick a Picture game


www.letters-and-sounds.com  select Pick a Picture.  Choose phase 3 sets 6-7.  This will let you practise reading words with our newer sounds in.

Fruit Splat Addition


search for Fruit Splat addition. This is great for you to practise adding two numbers together.  Start with level 1.  If you want a challenge, try level 2.

Look at the Powerpoint and see if you can help Will the wizard, Hocus the cat and Ottie the owl find the correct potions or bottles.  
Read the PowerPoint to see what you can find out about Florence Nightingale.  Can you colour in one of the colouring pages?
You are getting really good at finding the different ways to make a number.  Have a go at this activity to see if you can find all the different ways to make 10.

Buried Treasure Game

www.letters-and-sounds.com  Buried Treasure game.  Go into the phase 3 section of the game and you can choose one of the new sounds we have been learning.  This will help you to get really good at reading words with these sounds in.  Have fun!

Look at the PowerPoint to find out all about pandas.  Can you draw a picture of a panda and write some facts about them?

Problem Solving

I have 7 coins in my  purse. I take some out and put them in my hand.  How many could be in the purse and how many could be in my hand?  You can show this by doing drawings or by writing the number sentences.  Happy problem solving!

We have been learning about families.  Each one is different and special.  Look at the PowerPoint to read about all the different kinds of families.  You might like to try to write your own recipe for a special family.  Can you draw a picture of your family?
Choose one of the sheets that is at a level to suit you.  Challenge - can you write the number sentences?  If you can't print off, don't worry, you can just write it down.

Rocket Rescue game

www.phonicsplay.co.uk  select Rocket Rescue game.  This is great for practising spelling.  Have fun playing it!

We have been learning about weddings from different cultures.  Look at the PowerPoint to find out more.  Can you design a wedding cake, wedding dress or wedding suit?  You can use the templates of draw your own.  I look forward to seeing them.

Look at the PowerPoint and see if you can identify which objects are heavy and which are light.

Look at the worksheet and see if you can stick the right animals on the scales to show which are heavy, light or balanced.  If you can't print it off, don't worry, you can draw your own scales and animals.

Think of a number.  Can you find the number that is one more and the number that is one less?  You can write them down if you want to or record them on the Robot one more and l less sheet.

Space Race Game


They have a login on their home page that allows you to access all the games for free.  Space Race is great for practising spelling words.

Keeping Healthy


Can you make a poster to show how we can keep ourselves healthy?  You could include lots of pictures of things we do.

Buried Treasure Game


Select phase 2 games and the Buried Treasure Game.  This is great to practise your reading and to identify real and fake words.

Addition to 10


www.topmarks.co.uk  There are two games which are great for practising addition.  They are called Addition to 10 and Robot addition.  Have a go at these.  Happy adding!

Can you draw a picture of some brown bears and write some facts about them - you can ask a grown up to help with this.

Practise writing our new sound z, zz.

Can you draw some things with this sound in?

We are all different!

We have been talking about how we are all different and that it is okay to be different and to like different things. Can you draw a picture of yourself and write something that makes you special.  I look forward to seeing them.

Ways to make a number.


We have been looking at the different ways we can make 6.  Can you find them all and show them by drawing or writing all the different ways you find?

Challenge - choose another number and see if you can find the different ways of making it.

Reception Remote Learning Timetable w/b 11.01.21

Reception Remote Learning Timetable week beginning 4.01/2021

Reception Plan Autumn 2

Phonics Workshop 2020


Due to the current situation we cannot hold a phonics workshop as we normally would. However, we have a Phonics Powerpoint available for you below. There is a voiceover on the slide. Unfortunately, it can only be played via a laptop. If you can't access the powerpoint, there are lots of videos available on YouTube. 'TwinklKidsTv' have lots of phonics videos to support phonics.


We focus on phase 1 phonics in Nursery which is all about fine tuning to the sounds around us. We aim to support the children to orally blend and orally segment sounds at the end of the school year.


If you need any support with this please let us know. We follow 'Letters and Sounds' which we've also attached here for you.



Reception and Nursery learned all about Africa during the week before half term.  They had a great time and learned lots.  Take a look at the photos to see some of the activities they took part in.

Africa Week in Early Years

Reception Maths Day 15th October 2020

Our Learning in Reception

Reception Curriculum Letter

Reception long term plan 2020-2021