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Nursery 2020/2021

Welcome to Nursery!

The current staffing is as follows:


Miss Henderson (Class Teacher)

Miss Hutchison (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Smith (Teaching Assistant, Wed and Thurs afternoons)


We also work alongside the Reception classroom so that the children to move between the different areas as they wish. Within their class, they have the following staff members:


Mrs Beniston (Class Teacher, EYFS Phase Leader)

Mrs Wilson (Teaching Assistant)


Home School Newsletter 11th June 2021

Home School Letter 21st May 2021

Home School Letter 7th May 2021

Home School Letter 30th April 2021

Hello everyone!


For the parents of children that have been at school this afternoon, your child may speak to you about a helicopter. An air ambulance landed on our school field, the children were very excited to see it. We spoke about what an air ambulance is and how they help in our community.


Just a reminder that tomorrow (Friday 30th April) is 'Harry Potter Day'. Feel free to come dressed in non-uniform if your child wants to be a 'muggle' (a non-wizard). We will be looking at the story of 'Room on the Broom' and discussing magical potions. The children will also be taking part in making fruit salad to end the week with our book 'Oliver's Fruit Salad'.



The Nursery Staff Team



A huge welcome to all of you returning and also, for those that are new to our Nursery. It's beena fantastic week where the children have made the most out of our outdoor area. Please find our Home School Communication Letter attached below.


Many thanks, The Nursery Staff Team

Home School Letter 23rd April 2021

Home School Letter 31st March 2021

Easter Special


It was a wonderful day today! We started with an Easter bonnet parade followed by making chocolate mini egg nests, enjoying hot cross buns and the special Easter story. We then enjoyed lunch together before finding a letter from the Easter Bunny. The children loved finding their Easter eggs and spent a long time afterwards searching for the Easter Bunny. The rain poured it down so unfortunately we couldn't go to Forest School but the children certainly had a fantastic day!


Thank you for all your patience at the end of the day, we know it takes a little longer to dismiss all the children but we always ensure to prioritse your children's safety first.



Parent's Appointments

You should have all recieved an email to confirm your parent's appointment via Teams on Thursday 1st April. Your child will also be sent home with a slip to confirm your appointment time.

Please note that these appointments are only 10 minutes. We understand that this is a short time slot and not always ideal. We are always hear to talk to you so if you want to speak to us further after your appointment, please let us know and we will arrange another meeting with you.


The Nursery Staff Team

Home School Letter 26th March 2021

Home School Letter 19.02.2021

Mother's Day 


We hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day this Sunday. The children worked hard to make their scones and cards to share with you. They have been so excited to talk about all the lovely things they enjoy doing with you at home. 

Our home school letter has been sent on paper this week, however, we will be moving to online letters from next week. You will be able to find them on the school website or via Facebook.


Have a wonderful weekend! The Nursery Staff Team :) 

Home School Letter 12th March 2021

Welcome back!


What a wonderful Monday it has been! It has been a great day to have all the children back in Nursery, we really have missed them so much! They have had lots of fun and we can't wait for more super learning opportunities this term. The Nursery Staff Team :)

Home Learning Timetable Week of 1st March 2021

Home Learning Timetable Week of 22nd February 2021

Home Learning Timetable Week of 8th February 2021

Long Term Planning 2020-2021

Home Learning Timetable Week beginning 1st February 2021

As a school we are learning Spanish. The children have started to learn their 'Hello' song in Spanish. 
If you would like to practise this at home, you can join in too:

¡Hola! | Canciones Infantiles | Super Simple Español



There’s so much fun to have in the snow! I’ve been making snowballs to throw for Nala to catch

Have you been out in the snow today? Build a snowman, make some snow angels or have a snowball fight with your families! I can’t wait to hear all about it have a great Sunday!

Show You Care


Warwickshire Council have started a new trend to support those in lockdown by decorating windows with hearts. We will be doing them in Nursery next week but if you'd like to also do them in your own homes then I've attached the link. Or you can get creative and make your own!

Well done!


Please find next week's worksheets and timetable attached. If you would like any resources printed out, please let me know so that we can print them out for you.


Well done for working so hard at home! I am amazed by the wonderful work that has been sent to me, there is lots of super learning happening!


On Monday, we will continue with home learning, but Nursery is then back open on Tuesday 26th. For those that are learning from home, we will do just one session in the afternoon at 1pm, you will then be invited to join the Reception class at 2:30pm so that you are still accessing two sessions a day. Have a look at the timetable attached!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

See you Monday morning at 9:30am.

Miss Henderson


Challenge Time! Beat the teacher!

Still image for this video

Home Learning Timetable Week of 18th January 2021

Biscuit making and porridge tasting!

Home Learning Timetable Week of 11th January 2021

Learning Opportunities in our First Week Back

Home School Communication 8th January 2021

Thank you so much for joining in with all your online sessions  It is so wonderful to see your children online! We have also loved seeing all your emails and messages with your work, it's great to see that you're continuing your learning at home. Thank you for supporting your child with this at home, you're all doing an amazing job!


Next week, we have changed our timetable to have just 2 sessions per day. This is to support parents who need to also access different sessions for siblings. The morning session will either be maths or phonics, the afternoon session will be any other area of the curriculum. We will post this online tomorrow evening for you.

We had a think about resources that you need at home and have made a list for you. These are:

  1. Name Writing Sheets

  2. Play Dough

  3. Number Line

  4. Number flash cards

  5. Part Part Whole Model (We will show you what this looks like next week)

  6. Images or objects of CVC objects to support phonics e.g. cat, dog, jug, pen etc.

If you would like any materials sent to you, printed out or made for you, please let us know so that we can sort this for you.


The Nursery Staff Team 


Home Learning


We will start our sessions on Tuesday 5th January at 9am. You need to download 'Microsoft Teams' and login using your child's account details. These have been emailed to you. If you are having any difficulties with accessing your online learning, please contact the school office.

Our First Nativity



The Nursery children were super busy last week decorating our Christmas tree and posting letters to Santa! Lots of fabulous learning opportunities for them!

Early Years Music

Still image for this video

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Still image for this video

Snack Table


We work very hard throughout the year to support the children's independence.


Last week, they have been learning how to use our snack table on their own. They have been washing their hands, pouring themselves a drink, enjoying a piece of fruit and then wiping down any mess they have made.

They have been fantastic and we are so proud of all of them! We also enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate!

The Three Billy Goats Gruff


Last week flew by so quickly! We listened to the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' to talk about 'early warning signs'. This is a part of our Protective Behaviours scheme in which we support the children to understand their feelings as to when something does not feel safe.

In the story we discussed what early warning signs the goat might have felt when he met the troll. We had lots of discussion on the early warning signs such as our hearts beating faster, sweaty hands, crying. We then talked about what we should do if we felt like that (talk to our parents/carers/teachers).

The children loved the story and we used this in our learning to build a bridge for the troll and act out the story. Take a look at some of our photos below.

We have also been busy mark making in the frost, writing letters using UV pens, counting out the correct number of objects and matching numeral to quanity using cars and learning how to play the glockenspiel!

Phonics Song 2

A great song to listen to with your child to practise the sounds (phonemes) of the letter names (graphemes).

Mr Tumble's Alphabet Song

Another great phonics song - this time with Mr Tumble!

Road Safety Day!


The children have been learning all about the importance of wearing a helmet and how to cross the road safely. 

Phonics Workshop 2020


Due to the current situation we cannot hold a phonics workshop as we normally would. However, we have a Phonics Powerpoint available for you below. There is a voiceover on the slide. Unfortunately, it can only be played via a laptop. If you can't access the powerpoint, there are lots of videos available on YouTube. 'TwinklKidsTv' have lots of phonics videos to support phonics.


We focus on phase 1 phonics in Nursery which is all about fine tuning to the sounds around us. We aim to support the children to orally blend and orally segment sounds at the end of the school year.


If you need any support with this please let us know. We follow 'Letters and Sounds' which we've also attached here for you.



Celebrating Diwali! 


We loved learning about the story of Rama and Sita and enjoyed celebrating Diwali. We made diya lamps, tasted Indian food, enjoyed Bhangra dancing, made Rangoli patterns with dyed rice and retold the story to our friends.

Rememberance Day


Nursery observed the Armistice silence today at the eleventh hour. They have been learning about the Veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice to give their tomorrows for our today.

We had lots of discussion following the Cbeebies video following a young rabbit through the poppy field. Please use the link below if you'd like to have a look at it at home.



Bonfire Night!


Today, we celebrated Bonfire Night with edible fruit rockets, hot dogs and hot chocolate around a pretend bonfire. We made lots of lovely firework paintings and enjoyed pretending to be fireworks outside. 

Rosie Bear's Birthday Party!

We have started our new topic of 'Celebrations'. Today we celebrated Rosie Bear's 4th Birthday with cakes, party games, party prizes and dancing. The children also spent lots of time writing cards to give to Rosie Bear.

Children's Flu Vaccine


We've had lots of questions regarding the flu vaccine for children. All school age children from Reception to Year 6 will be able to have the nasal spray flu vaccine at school, however, we are still awaiting a confirmed date.

For Nursery children, they will not be able to have this done at school. If you would like to have your child vaccinated, please speak to your GP where it will be offered for free on the NHS.

Applying for a school place in Reception 2021


Hello everyone! We hope you and your families have had a wonderful half term holiday. We can't wait to see you all tomorrow for our new topic: Celebrations!


Just a little reminder that the application period is open for applying for your child's school place for September 2021. The closing date is 15th January 2021. 


Please note that even though your child currently attends the Nursery here at St. Matthews, it does not guarantee your child a place in Reception.


There's lots of information online with how to apply, however, please speak to a member of staff if you need more support.


End of Autumn Term 1


A wonderful end to our first half term with lots of fantastic learning opportunities. We spent this week learning all about the African culture and took part in lots of activities from African dancing, drumming, tasting moroccan cous cous and making African tribal necklaces. We even learnt a little bit about Mary Seacole. Have a wonderful half term holiday and we'll see you all soon!

Pumpkin Fun in the Nursery! 

Useful guides! 


Here you can find an amazing booklet that you can use to help you understand what children should be able to do depending on their age. It also has tips to support learning!

There's also a link for 'Top 20 things to do before reading'.

Music Making in Nursery! 


Today we practised making music outside using sticks. We made loud, quiet, fast and slow noises. We then all got together to play a beat to our new Autumn song

Autumn is here!


The children are learning all about the changes in Autumn. We went on a leaf hunt to find lots of different leaves of different shapes, sizes and colours. We then used them to create a leaf collage. 

We also visited our school chicks and each took turns stroking one of the chicks. We were sure to ve very careful and gentle around them! 

We're going on a bear hunt!


Nursery were so excited on our bear hunt today, we found lots of bear including Rosie Bear, our class mascot. She left us some honey which we used on top of our banana porridge.

We then played duck duck goose using a honey pot and wrote our very own poem! The children loved clapping out the syllables for each word.


Another wonderful start to our week with lots of fantastic learning taking place in the Nursery. The children have loved our reading den especially! We've played lots of 'getting to know you' games so that the children can now start learning each other's names :) 



18th September 2020


Another fantastic week at Nursery! We've been very busy this week doing lots of activities from making apple pies to painting portraits! We can't wait to see you all again on Monday! Have a wonderful weekend! 

It has been a very busy day at Nursery! The children have loved taking part in different activities from gardening, counting, painting and playing in the water. Some children tried to look after a bee that looked a little tired so they gave it some water. We're looking forward to tomorrow where we'll be collecting apples from the orchard for our cooking session on Thursday
Fun in the sun!

We have thorougly enjoyed our week with the children and can't wait for new friends to join us on Monday! Have a wonderful weekend! We'll see you Monday morning bright and early 😄


The link to the game on your home school letter is linked below.

Happy Talk - Get Talking!

Good communication is essential for learning. Take a look at the document below for some useful information on supporting your child with communication. 

A SUPER start to our learning!


A fantastic start to our morning with lots of smiley faces! Lots of new children that have settled so well. Thank you to all parents for being so supportive with your child's first day :) 


First Week Back! 


We have been super busy over the past few days! Yesterday, we did lots of colour mixing and painting. Today, we built a home for some dinosaurs and started learning all about different shapes. We then went on a walk to the orchard and found apples and pears. The children have decided they'd like to go bak tomorrow to collect some fruit for snack time. It's been wonderful to have the children back in Nursery! 





Miss Hutchison and I are very excited to meet you all soon For those returning to Nursery tomorrow, we are looking forward to seeing you in the morning! We have lots of exciting activities planned and can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to.


For those who are new to Nursery, we are so excited to meet you soon on your visits to St Matthews Bloxam

Please ensure that during your visit, adults are wearing a face mask to help everyone stay safe during the current situation.


We can’t wait to start our learning! See you all soon!

Miss Henderson