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At St Matthew’s Bloxam, we offer a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum to all of our learners, which aims to develop a progression of skills as children move through the school. See what is taught in each class by looking at the curriculum letters, produced every half-term. These can be found in the year group pages, in 'Curriculum'. You can also find out more about our approaches to teaching and learning in the ‘School Policies’ section of our website in ‘Key Information’ but here is a taste what we do and how we do things here!




The Maths curriculum is delivered in themed blocks around a broad unit of work. Children develop their skills and understanding of Maths through a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract activities and through doing this, pupils develop their fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills.


While every effort is made to cater for all different learners, at St Matthew’s Bloxam we work towards mastery Maths in every class. This means, as much as possible, the whole class accesses the same task but the level of access may differ, depending on ability.


The school calculation policy shows the progression of skills developed across the year groups. 





Where we can we try to tie all the threads of the English curriculum together with a quality text. At the heart of every unit is a great work of literature, which we aim to get the children as deeply involved with as possible. This basic principle is advocated by The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE). Teachers use the CLPE’s Power of Reading resources to support the delivery of a vibrant and relevant text-based curriculum.


Not only do children develop key skills in reading comprehension through studying texts in this way, there are numerous stimulating and inspiring writing opportunities which stem from using high-quality books. 


The grammar, punctuation and spelling element of the curriculum is taught discretely and then consolidated through writing activities.  



Phonics is a key area of the Early Years and Key Stage One curriculum at St Matthew’s Bloxam. We firmly believe that the teaching of high quality phonics underpins the core skills of both reading and writing.


Phonics is taught in small groups through a structured, fun, interactive programme which follows the progression through Letters and Sounds. Children are taught how to segment and blend words and are also taught for both reading and writing. From an early age children use the correct terminology such as phoneme, grapheme, digraph and split digraph. Children are also taught spelling patterns and rules through phonics sessions.


For more information see Children >> Phonics



Our ‘Topics’ encompass lots of different subjects, from History and Geography to Art and Design and Technology.


In EYFS, a theme is used to centre the acquisition of all of those important early skills. In Key Stage One and Two, a termly focus is used on a rolling programme of engaging Topics which cover all of the National Curriculum objectives.


The programme of study for our Topic work, for each year, can be found below.



Currently, at St. Matthew’s Bloxam, we are working hard in Science to achieve the Primary Science Quality Mark. We are working hard to enhance our Science curriculum through Science days, workshops and visitors coming to school.

The Teachers and some of the children have worked together to create our Science Principles ;



The children acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become confident with a range of different technology and process, through a discreet, half-termly Computing theme.


Each half-term, children also learn about a different area of eSafety, which helps our pupils stay safe online.



Given our status as a Church of England school, we hold the teaching and learning of RE in the highest regard and the curriculum divides it focus between the teaching of the Understanding Christianity and Coventry and Warwickshire agreed syllabus. In this way, children learn about what it is to be a Christian and also the diverse range of other faiths and beliefs.



Our PHSE curriculum utilises the PHSE Association guidelines and a programme of study has been devised in school, which aims to develop children’s understanding of themselves and others.


Warwickshire’s excellent professional development on Protective Behaviours is made available to all teachers and this learning has an important place in the PHSE curriculum. 


We link the teaching of Sex and Relationships with our focus on PHSE and children’s scientific understanding of life cycles and puberty. Sexual reproduction is not taught in detail but some understanding of the human life cycle is necessary. The main focus is preparing children for the physical and emotional changes which take place in this important period of their lives.



We use the Charanga Musical School to support the planning and delivery of the Music curriculum.



We have joined the Primary Languages Network and use their scheme when teaching Spanish to children in Key Stage 2, while encouraging pride and interest in the native languages of our school community.



We are a Schools Games Mark: Silver Award and the curriculum that we offer is delivered by a range of different professionals. Teachers use The PE Hub to support the delivery of high-quality lessons in school, blessed with two main halls and expansive grounds.


In addition, we have a partnership with Harris Secondary School and we use their expertise and resources to provide lessons for our children and professional development for our staff. West Bromwich Albion FC are also regulars in school to deliver sessions and we also provide off-site swimming for our children as they move through the school.

British Values


St Matthew’s Bloxam has various ways in which we create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation to promote the fundamental British values of democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. This definition of British values is set out in the 2011 Prevent Strategy.


These values are reinforced largely through the commitment to teaching a broad and balanced curriculum. More specifically, our collective worship programme includes time for reflection on all of the values, throughout the course of the year. Even more specifically, we dedicate a whole day to celebrating British values as part of our rolling programme of themed days!


There are also other ways in which the values are fed into school life. Democracy is richly embedded within the school. The School Council is an elected body and pupils have the opportunity to have their voices heard through them. Through our range of topics, children learn about the rule of law in numerous countries throughout the world and throughout history. Visits from authorities such as the Police and Fire Service form part of our curriculum and these help reinforce this message.

With regards to individual liberty, pupils are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. As a school we educate and provide boundaries for all pupils to make choices safely. Pupils are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms and are advised how to exercise these safely. The central theme of our school’s behaviour policy is that everyone has the right to feel safe and our restorative justice approach to resolving problems more often than not involves teaching children about mutual respect. The RE curriculum supports the value of tolerance, through the study of a diverse range of faiths and beliefs. We embrace our culturally rich and diverse school where children have unique opportunities to learn from each other by sharing and celebrating their different religions and backgrounds.  

Curriculum Planning