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The Always Children



For always being polite, kind and helpful. Lena is a delight to have in our class!

Year 1


For always working hard, being an excellent friend to all and being a role

Year 2


For always coming to school with a positive attitude and trying hard in all subjects.

Year 3


Perfect example of an always child. A great role model to others. Always makes the right choices, is always considerate to others, always listens to instructions, and perseveres when challenged. He always gives 100% in his learning.

Year 4


For always being polite, being friendly towards everyone and making a huge effort in all her work.

Year 5

Lilly B

For always going the extra mile with her work and always being a helpful, caring member of the class.

Year 6


For always being a thoroughly good egg!

Tea with Mrs T

Tea with Mrs T 1